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RASPFLO (Responsible Alcohol Service & Promoting the Four Licensing Objectives) is designed to equip the staff of night clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and related businesses with the practical knowledge and tools to safely serve alcohol.

The purpose of RASPFLO is to protect your business and to give your staff the knowledge to carry out their role effectively. RASPFLO staff training will help prevent issues that could result in serious consequences such as fines, revocation of Premises Licence, closure or even imprisonment
Be confident that your staff are trained and know how to serve alcohol responsibly and promote the Four Licensing Objectives.

In order to protect your business, we start by helping staff understand the Licensing Act of 2003 and the importance of the Four Licensing Objectives it contains.

Each individual user’s log in credentials are valid for 12 months.

All candidates who complete RASPFLO are offered the course again as a free refresher – we will send candidates a reminder e-mail six months after they have completed the course.

We recommend a rolling programme of annual staff training and will contact you before the 12 months have expired.

Staff Course – Over the course of six modules, trainees will learn about the following topics:

Unit 1 – An Introduction to the Licensing Act 2003

Explains the importance of promoting the objectives at all times
This unit covers

  • The requirements for having a licence
  • The difference between a personal and a premises licence
  • Mandatory and venue specific conditions
  • The penalties for breaching conditions.

Unit 2 – The Four Licensing Objectives

Explains the importance of promoting the objectives at all times
This unit covers:

  • Naming the Four Licensing Objectives
  • Understanding the significance of each objective
  • Learning methods to promote the objectives.

Unit 3 – Intoxication

Intoxication costs the UK an average of £21 billion a year. This unit will help staff understand the dangers intoxication poses to your business, the requirements of the law and gives them the tools to deal with the issue effectively.
This unit covers

  • The effects of alcohol on the body
  • How to identify and deal with intoxicated guests
  • The best methods to prevent intoxication.

Unit 4 – Age

When it comes to serving minors, one mistake can potentially cost you your Premises Licence. This unit teaches staff how to:

  • Properly check IDs
  • Recognise valid forms of ID
  • Identify invalid IDs
  • Be aware of the rules regarding alcohol and minors

Unit 5 – Crime Scene Preservation

An area of increasing importance for the police is that your staff understand the necessary actions that should be taken if there is a serious incident.
This unit covers:

  • What constitutes a serious incident
  • Actions to take following a serious incident
  • How to ensure the preservation of a crime scene.

Unit 6 – Factors that Affect Drinking Behaviour

The course concludes with a section that highlights the part staff can play in reducing risk, followed by an end of course knowledge test.
This unit covers:

  • The factors that affect irresponsible alcohol consumption
  • Ways staff can promote a safe and responsible environment
  • How to positively influence a responsible and safe drinking culture.