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  • What are our options for payment?

    You can pay securely online with PayPal, by debit/credit card or, alternatively, contact us and we can invoice you.

  • Why do staff serving alcohol need licensing training?

    All members of staff within the hospitality and retail industries need to understand the responsibilities relating to the service of alcohol, know how alcohol affects the body and be aware of the risks associated with alcohol consumption. Problems resulting from improperly trained staff pose a risk to your business, potentially causing revocation of your Premises Licence, unlimited fines and in some cases, imprisonment.

  • Why use online training?

    RASPFLO online training is the fastest way to provide meaningful and effective licensing training for your staff. It is convenient; staff work at their own pace and can access the course anytime.

  • Why RASPFLO?

    RASPFLO is a unique course that will engage your staff with its smart design and effective learning exercises. After completing our course, your staff will be able to:

    • Prevent and deal with drunken behaviour
    • Work to ensure a safe environment for customers and staff
    • Confidently perform their duties so the business runs without problems or difficulties
    • Comply with the Licensing Act 2003